Demand Facebook's Advertisers Stop Supporting Online Hate 

Social media has allowed hate and extremism to spread faster and further than ever before, which causes real harm to real people. Every day, our organizations are alerted to numerous examples of hate and misinformation across Facebook's products, which are supported by paid advertisements.  

To stop supporting online hate, a broad coalition including ADL, Color of Change, Common Sense, Free Press, LULAC, Mozilla, the NAACP, National Hispanic Media Coalition and Sleeping Giants joined together in solidarity with targets of racism, antisemitism and hate. Together, we are urging advertisers to stop supporting hate and extremism on Facebook. Sign the petition to #StopHateforProfit and:

  • Demand Facebook establish and empower permanent civil rights infrastructure so products and policies can be evaluated for discrimination, racism, and hate by experts. Read all our recommended next steps here.

  • Urge businesses to hit pause on all advertising spend on Facebook properties.

  • Send the message that profits will never be worth supporting hate of any kind. Enough is enough.



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