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Demand Facebook Stop Hate for Profit

Demand Facebook Stop Hate for Profit

Social media has allowed hate and extremism to spread faster and further than ever before, which causes real harm to real people. Every day, our organizations are alerted to numerous examples of hate and misinformation across Facebook's products, which are supported by paid advertisements. 

Racism, Violence and Hate 

Take down groups focused on white supremacy, militia, antisemitism, Islamophobia, and violent conspiracies 

Increase resources focused on monitoring groups for hate speech and violence 

Change platform policy to forbid any event page with a call to arms, as highlighted by Muslim Advocates and the Change the Terms coalition.


Commit 5% of their annual revenue to an independently administered fund to support initiatives, academics and organizations doing the work to fight against racism, hate and division caused by Facebook’s inaction


Ensure accuracy in political and voting matters by eliminating the politician exemption

Remove misinformation related to voting that has been debunked by credible fact checkers

Prohibit calls to violence by politicians in any format. 



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