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Facebook under new pressure to remove false information, hate speech from platform (MSNBC’s Morning Joe)  

Jonathan Greenblatt on Instagram Freeze (Squawk Box)
Rashad Robinson: Facebook offered ‘lip service’ until big advertisers joined the fight

ADL CEO Jonathan Greenblatt on Stop Hate for Profit (MSNBC Morning Joe) 

Color of Change VP 'Hopeful' About Mark Zuckerberg Meeting (Bloomberg TV) 

ADL CEO Jonathan Greenblatt & NAACP President and CEO Derrick Johnson on Stop Hate for Profit (MSNBC) 

ADL CEO Jonathan Greenblatt on Stop Hate for Profit (Bloomberg Technology) 

Verizon pulls ads from Facebook over inaction on hate speech (CNN’s Newsroom with John King) 
Upwork CEO on pausing all Facebook ads in July (CNBC)    

Campaign against hate advertising (Scripps TV )   

Civil Rights Organizations Call for Companies to Drop Facebook Ads (Cheddar)   

Squawk Box (CNBC)   

Today Show (NBC News)  


Katy Perry, Rosario Dawson, more take a break from Instagram with #StopHateforProfit. Here's why (USA Today)

Stop hate for profit: This is why all your favourite celebrities are leaving Instagram (Glamour)

Celebrities join ADL ‘Stop Hate For Profit’ social media blackout (Jewish Insider)

Where Kim Kardashian meets tech policy (Politico Morning Tech)

Group that led Facebook boycott is back with new action (CNN)

Celebs join Instagram ‘freeze’ to protest Facebook inaction (Associated Press)

Kim Kardashian West, other celebrities to freeze Facebook and Instagram accounts in protest (NBC News)

Kim Kardashian to freeze Facebook, Instagram accounts in #StopHateForProfit effort (Axios)

Celebs Are Quitting Facebook And Instagram For A Day To Protest Hate Speech (BuzzFeed News)

Facebook under more pressure from civil rights groups with planned Instagram 'freeze' (Fox Business)

Stop Hate for Profit Is Turning Its Attention to Instagram (AdWeek)

Stop Hate for Profit Facebook Organizers Back with New Action (CBS Bay Area)

Sacha Baron Cohen announces Instagram freeze to protest Facebook’s failure to fight hate (JTA)

20 state AGs tell Facebook to stop “hate and disinformation” (Fox News)
20 States Warn Facebook to do better at fighting hate and discrimination (Forbes)
Facebook ad boycott organizers ask European firms to join campaign

More Than 1,000 Companies Boycotted Facebook. Did It Work? (The New York Times)

Are Conspiracy Theories Good For Facebook? (NPR’s Planet Money)

The Anti-Defamation League Previews What’s Next for the Facebook Boycott (AdWeek)

Facebook ad boycott won't formally extend, though some companies press on (Politico)

Facebook Ad Boycott Extends Beyond July: ‘Everyone Agrees Facebook Has Got To Change’ (Forbes)

Study: Facebook Allows And Recommends White Supremacist, Anti-Semitic And QAnon Groups With Thousands Of Members (Forbes)

Holocaust survivors launch campaign to fight Holocaust denial on Facebook (JTA)

Mark Zuckerberg gets 'Dear Mark' video from Facebook boycott organizers (USA Today) 

Morning Tech (Politico) 

Facebook’s civil rights audit release is not a ‘good-faith effort,’ says Anti-Defamation League CEO (CNBC) 

Civil rights leaders are still fed up with Facebook over hate speech (Vox/Recode) 

Facebook’s Decisions Were ‘Setbacks for Civil Rights,’ Audit Finds (The New York Times) 

Facebook boycott organizers share details on their Zuckerberg meeting (Axios Podcast -- Jonathan Greenblatt, Derrick Johnson, Rashad Robinson and Jessica Gonzalez interviewed) 

Nonprofit Coalition Seeks Social Media Ad Pause (The NonProfit Times) 

Facebook boycott organizers call Mark Zuckerberg meeting "a disappointment" (The Verge) 

Civil rights groups behind Facebook boycott unmoved after Zuckerberg meeting (POLITICO)
'It's hitting their pockets': a lead organizer on the biggest corporate boycott in Facebook's history (The Guardian) 

A marketing chief boycotting Facebook says brands that advertise on the site are guilty of bankrolling a destructive 'polarization' of society (Business Insider)   

Civil Rights Groups Push for Facebook Ad Boycott (Wall Street Journal)   

Civil Rights Groups Urge Large Facebook Advertisers to Boycott the Platform in July (Adweek)

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