#StopHateForProfit Social Media Toolkit

Thank you for being a part of the Stop Hate For Profit movement. Building on the early success of  #StopHateForProfit – in which over 1,200 companies and non-profits demanded change from Facebook, including some of the most well-known brands in the world, such as Unilever, Verizon, Adidas, Ford, Williams Sonoma, Patagonia and many more – countless  individuals have joined the #StopHateForProfit  campaign by posting on social media and demanding change.  During our September Week of Action, the estimated reach of #StopHateForProfit was 1 billion. We thank all of the public figures who helped raise awareness on social and participated in our Instagram “Freeze.

Stop Hate For Profit was founded by some of the most prominent civil rights groups and nonprofit organizations in the country including ADL, Color of Change, Common Sense, Free Press, LULAC, Mozilla, NAACP, National Hispanic Media Coalition, and Sleeping Giants.

Facebook has inflicted harm on our society by permitting content that spreads racism, hate and violence and misinformation on voting.

Facebook’s failures lead to real-life violence and sow division, and we’re calling on the company to improve its policies. Facebook spreads misinformation about the election and we need to urge people to vote and demand Facebook stop undermining our democracy. Enough is enough.

Join to change the conversation about Facebook’s danger to society with some of the posts below to explicitly call out Facebook to #StopHateForProfit.


No Hate

Sample Copy: Facebook claims they address #hate, yet they continue to look the other way as racist, violent groups and posts sow division and split America apart – only taking steps after people are killed. And while they share empty talk about voting, they continue allowing blatant lies and misinformation on election to spread – undermining our democracy.



Stop inciting violence and spreading hate

Choose from messages:

Sample Copy1: From genocides abroad to killings in Kenosha, Facebook must do more to address violence on their platform. They still recommend users to join groups & pages that glorify violence. Tell Facebook to #StopHateForProfit  stophateforprofit.org/demand-change

Sample Copy 2: From ugly racism to dangerous QAnon conspiracies to indefensible Holocaust denialism, hatred has taken root and spread across Facebook. For years, they have looked the other way. Enough is enough. Tell Facebook to #StopHateForProfit.


Sample Copy 3: For years, Facebook has wreaked havoc on communities by allowing racism and hate to flourish on their platform. It’s time for this to end. Join us & make your voice heard; it is time for Facebook to #StopHateForProfit stophateforprofit.org/demand-change

Sample Copy
4: Facebook continues to recommend groups & posts that glorify violence to its users. We are outraged that this has gone on for years and the platform has yet to take meaningful action. Enough is enough. Join the movement to tell Facebook it’s time to #StopHateForProfit. Sign the petition: stophateforprofit.org/demand-change


Election Disinformation and Voting

Choose from messages:

Sample Copy 1: Facebook says they care about democracy, yet they still allow political ads that lie & spread disinformation about the election. Facebook must change its policies and stop undermining democracy. #StopHateForProfit. stophateforprofit.org/demand-change

Sample Copy 2: Facebook continues to spread misinformation and allow political ads that tell blatant lies. We call on them to remove misinformation related to voting and prohibit calls to violence by politicians in any form. Facebook needs to do much more to protect our democracy and their users. Vote like our lives depend on it. vote.org #StopHateForProfit

Sample Copy
3: Voting is an integral part of our democracy.
Facebook is allowing disinformation to once again undermine this institution.
For the sake of our nation, Facebook needs to take action & #StopHateForProfit.
Register to Vote: Vote.org

Sample Copy
4: We call on Facebook to

  • Ensure accuracy in political and voting matters by eliminating the politician exemption

  • Remove misinformation related to voting that has been debunked by credible fact checkers

  • Prohibit calls to violence by politicians in any format. 

The time for action is now. Tell Facebook it’s time to #StopHateForProfit
Sign petition: stophateforprofit.org/demand-change